The main parameters
Product Model CRM9022
Product Name Coffee grinder
Product Material Plastic housing
Selective Color White
Detailed Introduction
 Rated power:220V/50Hz/350W 
 Stainless steel housing; 
Adjustable roughness of 1-8 gear grinding for different kinds of coffee;
 with Imported Carbon steel flat burr with dia.75mm  and smooth;
Grinding method with automatic single/double cups, manual;
※ With LED display,has functions of timing and quantitative control;  
 Adjustable roughness of 1-11 gear grinding ofr different kinds of coffee.
 Bean hopper capacity: 1.2kg;  
 With porta filter holder;       
 Grinding speed: 900R/Min;  
 With automatic re-set function; 
 With scale function for accurate powder control;  
Product Video