The main parameters
Product Model CRM3124
Product Name Espresso coffee machine
Product Material Stainless steel housing
Selective Color Black / White
Product Size 517 * 297 * 410mm(L*W*H)
Detailed Introduction
Rated power: 200V 50Hz 1660W
E61 brewing head design, stainless steel shell, cast copper internal components;
2L composite boiler, heat exchange system;
Imported solenoid valve, all copper pipe design for internal waterway;
Commercial rotary pump, continuous supply of stable pressure;
Adjustable boiler water temperature;
Pre-soaking time can be set;
Pull-rod independent hot water function, adjustable pull-rod 3 holes strong steam;
2.5L food grade separable water tank, water shortage prompt function;
PID function display: display the brewing time;
Coffee extraction pressure gauge;
The standby time without operation can be preset, energy saving and environmental protection;
Stainless steel body, beech wood decoration, ceramic handle;
Multiple electronic and mechanical safety protection devices, continuous safety and reliability;