The main parameters
Product Model CRM3208
Product Name Espresso coffee machine
Product Material Stainless steel mirror housing
Selective Color Black / White
Product Size 620 * 630 * 580 mm(L*W*H)
Detailed Introduction
Rated power: 220V/50Hz 3200W
Multifunction for making coffee,steam and hot water at the same time;
Resistive colorful touch screeen with 4.3 inches;
Commercial rotary vane pump with 9bar pressure;
Inlet pipe to connect tap water & Drain pipe to drain water directly;
With LED illuminator;Temperature and flowing capacity can be adjusted when making coffee;
Different barometers show the pressure when making coffee and steam;
Dual boilers : one is 550ml s.s. boiler with s.s heating tube to make temperature more stable for making coffee;another is full s.s.primary and secondary boiler with 5.25L capacity for making steam and hot water.
Professional s.s. porta-filter holder and filter with 58mm diameter;
Pre-infusion system to ensure perfect extraction and crema;
S.S. steam and water tube for cappuccino and hot water;
With flowmeter and full inner copper pipe;
Top cover cup-warming plate & adjustable non-slip foot;
Lever type steaming switch.
Product Video