Commercial coffee machine manufacturers analyze how to drink coffee to be healthy?

Announcer: Gemilai    Time:2021-3-29 15:08:57

     A friend asked: "I heard that drinking coffee is good for your health?" I said, "Yes!". He said: "Then I drink every day, why do I still have diabetes and high blood pressure!" I said, "What kind of coffee do you drink?" "Instant 3-in-1!" "Wipe!"<

     The so-called wrongdoers have their own debts. The instant ingredients are all artificial flavor additives, trans fatty acids, preservatives, and a lot of sugar. Drinking these things every day makes health strange.

    "How should I drink it to be healthy?"

     Good question. Coffee is harmful or good for health. This topic has been stronger than Conan’s serial for decades, and it’s more sweet and salty than soy milk, but it is mostly speculations and misrepresentations. In the end, the black liquid in this cup is a blessing or a curse. What is he? The incarnation of the gods, or the messengers of hell, may wish to integrate professional academic achievements and experience, so that everyone can drink and sleep at ease.

    First of all, as I said at the beginning, instant coffee is definitely not a healthy drink. People who really love coffee do not drink instant coffee. Some friends said that I don’t drink instant coffee anymore. Just drink freshly ground black coffee. Teachable, he said yes, I like black coffee with two packets of creamer and two lumps of sugar.

    Oh, you'd better go back and drink instant, the really compelling and healthy one, of course, is pure black coffee. In the third wave, if you drink coffee with sugar and creamer, you are really embarrassed to say hello.

    Drinking unsweetened black coffee in moderation is beneficial to the human body. This is the consensus of the health and scientific circles. So, what effect does black coffee have on the human body? Let's study them separately.

    Nutrients of coffee

    In 2006, Spanish bricklayer Diaz pointed out that the water-soluble dietary fiber contained in freshly brewed coffee is higher than orange juice or red wine, and the little friends in the food industry were shocked at that time.

    Not only that, green coffee beans are also rich in a variety of vitamins, including folic acid, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B12, and vitamin C. They also contain a lot of antioxidants. In short, there are many good things. The research of Dr. Vincent Yankee proved that coffee contains much more antioxidants than tea, fruits and vegetables. Among the sources of antioxidants consumed by Norwegians, coffee alone accounts for 64%.

    A brother asked, what exactly are antioxidants? We know that oxygen is the basic element to sustain life. When we breathe in oxygen, it will also produce a byproduct of pitting, that is, oxides-free radicals, which will be destroyed at the cellular level. The structure leads to pathological changes. After the coffee is roasted, its antioxidant capacity increases sharply. The production of phenolic acid and melanin are powerful antioxidants that can repair cells and effectively inhibit chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. Diseases, so that the human body stays healthy.

   Coffee and disease

    Many recent studies have shown that coffee can increase the sensitivity of cells to insulin, enhance glucose metabolism, and help prevent diabetes. According to the Dutch Public Health Institute, the more coffee you drink, the lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes (diabetes in adults). (Please don't trouble me if you insist on adding sugar, thank you) People who drink four cups of coffee a day can reduce the prevalence of gout by 40%.

    In the past two decades, Japan, the United States, and Europe have conducted in-depth research. It has been discovered that the more coffee is drunk, the lower the chance of developing liver cirrhosis or liver cancer. German scientists have successively revealed that espresso can also prevent colon cancer, confirming the effect of antioxidants. Nowadays, the anti-cancer effect of coffee has been recognized by the academic circles, and the coffee is really a bunker in an instant! There is wood there!

    About caffeine

    Some friends said that they liked the smell of coffee, but they didn't dare to drink it. After drinking, they had heart palpitations or could not sleep. Yes, this is what caffeine does. The name of caffeine sounds scary, but it is not heroin after all. Scientists have the final say. The advantages of caffeine not exceeding 300 mg per day outweigh the disadvantages.

    There are two varieties of coffee, one is called Arabica and the other is called Robusta. Arabica has good flavor and is expensive, while Robusta has poor flavor and is cheap. There is another difference between the two brothers. Arabica has a caffeine content of 1.1- 1.5%, Robusta caffeine content is as high as 3.2%. Robusta can be seen everywhere in instant coffee and low-cost blended beans.

    Does the type of bean determine the amount of caffeine? No, the amount of caffeine produced depends on the time of contact between hot water and coffee powder. The longer the time, the greater the precipitation ratio. The brewing method of American coffee takes a long time, and the most caffeine comes out; the coffee powder in the French press has been soaked in water, and it is a little higher; the siphon pot, the favorite of enthusiasts, ends in three or two minutes, and the caffeine is not yet They ran out too late, but all the good-tasting substances ran out, so the caffeine would not be too high.

    In fact, black tea, green tea, cola, and chocolate all have caffeine in it. Needless to say, the caffeine of Red Bull, a functional drink, has already exploded. As long as the intake is appropriate, it will not be a big problem.

    In addition, there are some fats and oils in coffee, which are considered to increase cholesterol and are unhealthy substances. This solution is simpler, just filter it out with a filter paper. Therefore, it is a healthier way to drink coffee with a siphon pot with a filter.

    To sum up, drink coffee healthily and observe the following points:

    1. Don't overdo it, two or three cups a day is fine;

    2. Choose good varieties, choose freshly ground, and drink less instant;

    3. Learn to enjoy black coffee without milk and sugar;

    4. Use fast extraction methods to make coffee, such as drip filter, siphon, and filter paper is better.

    Well, after mastering the healthy drinking method and the principle of coffee, you can hold the beneficial substances as you want, avoid the useless ingredients, and hold the coffee cup with peace of mind. The waist is not sore, the legs are not sore, and there is no height. No blood pressure, no diabetes, no cirrhosis, no cancer, rush to the future~