Coffee machine use method and production process

Announcer: Gemilai    Time:2021-3-19 17:12:41

      At present, the coffee machine market in my country is still in a disorderly stage. The market competition is very fierce. Some foreign manufacturers have stuffed the outdated models with outdated foreign technology into the Chinese market. Some domestic unscrupulous businessmen have used home machines as commercial machines to confuse semi-automatic machines. And fully automatic machines, to make huge profits from them, to entrap users. Some users spend large sums of money to buy low-end cheap goods or a pile of industrial waste.
     To buy a coffee machine, do market research, collect information extensively or consult a professional coffee maker or company to determine the type of coffee machine you need: the next step is to choose a qualified supplier. Professional coffee machine suppliers not only have rich experience, can provide you with a variety of references, help and the most reasonable price for choosing a coffee machine, but also have a good after-sales service system and a sufficient and timely supply of spare parts.
      We all know that the traditional coffee brewing process requires several processes such as roasting, grinding, brewing, and filtering. Although the traditional coffee brewing process is very ornamental and interesting, brewing coffee at leisure is also not the case. Interesting. But relative to the modern and fast life, many people don't have time to learn these crafts; in order to solve this problem, coffee machines came into being.
      Let’s briefly talk about brewing perfect Espresso or Cappuccino coffee, which requires the help of a special coffee machine. The coffee machine uses about 10 atmospheres to force the hot water at about 90 degrees Celsius to pass through about 10 grams of fine and compact coffee powder, absorb the coffee fat and other aromatic substances in the coffee powder, and fully dissolve it with the hot water. After being combined, it flows into the cup. The whole process is a comprehensive process of physical and chemical changes, which is completed within 25-30 seconds, so as to effectively avoid the bad taste caused by excessive extraction. The milk is emulsified with the high-pressure steam generated by the coffee machine to produce aromatic milk froth, and a thick layer of milk froth is added to the espresso coffee to make a cup of delicious cappuccino.

Different types of coffee machines have different methods of use. The following introduces a method of use of coffee machines for reference only.

1.Add water: Open the lid of the water storage tank and pour an appropriate amount of water (add it with the scale of the coffee pot).
2.Put coffee powder: The electric coffee maker has a special container for coffee powder, and the filter paper is more effective. The amount of coffee powder to be put in depends on each person's preference, generally 2 scoops of coffee powder is appropriate. Then moisten the ground coffee and filter paper with a small amount of boiling water.
3.Turn on: The electric coffee maker should be turned on after the preparations are ready, plug in the power source, and turn on the electric coffee maker.
4.Extraction: When the coffee in the coffee pot reaches the required cup, turn off the power switch. Then you can enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee.
5.Cleaning: The parts to be cleaned include the water container, the coffee powder container, (if you use filter paper, it should be discarded), but be careful not to splash water into the electrical part of the pot base, let alone the entire electric coffee pot Immerse in water to avoid damage to electrical parts and control mechanisms.
How to use the automatic coffee machine
      In the past, coffee was only reserved for a small number of high-end consumer groups. With the spread of coffee culture, coffee has been integrated into the lives of ordinary people. Nowadays, a large number of coffee machines have entered the households of ordinary citizens. With the popularity of home coffee machines, many people are keen to make coffee at home. How to make coffee with a coffee machine?

How to use the coffee machine

      Choose coffee powder. In fact, coffee beans are fine, so you have to grind them yourself. There are various flavors of coffee, what vanilla flavor, and there are 5 levels of flavor, from MILD to DARK.
      Use filter paper, either made of bamboo or ordinary. Unfold the filter paper into a funnel shape, and put a few spoonfuls of coffee powder into the filter paper according to personal taste (generally, there will be as many coffee packages as you put). The benefits of filter paper are great. It can not only filter the slag, but also increase the time for water to flow through the coffee powder, making the coffee fragrant and easy to clean.
      Put the coffee and filter paper into the filterbasket like this, which is the filter basket, put it as straight as possible.
      Pour all the water in the coffee pot into the water reservoir at the back of the coffee machine. The scale in the water reservoir should be consistent with the scale of the coffee pot.
      Close the top cover, place the coffee pot like this, and turn on the switch.
      Coffee is starting, you can do other things.
How to use the coffee machine
       The coffee is almost ready, the coffee machine will automatically stop boiling water and keep the coffee warm, so it does not matter if you forget it, and then add some coffee mates and sugar according to your personal taste.
Take the filter paper out and throw it away. Rinse the filter basket, it's OK
● Beverage taste and water volume adjustment system:
You can freely adjust the taste of coffee or other beverages according to your personal tastes, and you can also freely adjust the water output of the machine.
● Free water temperature regulation system:
There is a thermal water storage tank inside, and the water temperature can be adjusted at will according to climate change. (Adjustment range: 68 degrees to 98 degrees water temperature)
● Large-capacity environmentally friendly raw material barrel:
Using sanitary and environmentally friendly materials that are harmless to the human body, the raw material barrel has a maximum capacity of 1600x3 grams, eliminating the trouble of frequent addition of raw materials.
● Automatic display without cup/water:
When the storage volume of paper cups and water inside the machine is lower than the factory setting value, the machine will automatically give an alarm to prevent the machine from malfunctioning.
● Sales quantity statistics:
The sales quantity of each beverage can be counted separately, which is convenient for beverage sales management.
● Special water inlet for bottled water:
The top of the machine adopts a special water inlet seat for barreled pure water, which completely solves the overflow caused by improper addition of water. It is very suitable for places that need to provide a large amount of beverages, and at the same time avoids the trouble of frequent water addition. (Ordinary water seat is also optional)
● Exhaust and moisture-proof heating system:
The machine is equipped with an automatic exhaust and moisture-proof heating system, which can keep the air inside the machine dry and fresh for a long time to ensure that the raw materials do not solidify and agglomerate.
● Automatic cleaning system:
When the machine is in use, if there is a phenomenon that the internal pipeline is not smooth, the system can easily solve this problem.
● Continuous cup out function:
Using international advanced computer temperature control technology to ensure continuous supply of fragrant and delicious coffee and drinks during the peak period of machine use.
● High-speed rotating mixing system:
Through the high-speed rotating stirring system of the machine, the raw materials and water can be fully mixed, so that the foam of the drink is more delicate and the taste is more pure.
● Fault self-diagnosis system:
When there is a problem with the circuit part of the machine, the system will display the fault code on the display of the machine, and the machine will automatically lock at this time, so that the maintenance personnel can troubleshoot and ensure the safety of the machine and personnel.
1. To make coffee, you must first connect to the power supply, and the coffee machine must be connected to the A/C socket. The operating voltage must be consistent with the specified voltage indicated on the machine package. It is strictly forbidden to use a defective power cord. After plugging in the power supply, turn on the power switch of the coffee machine.
2. Remove the lid of the bean box, and put an appropriate amount of coffee beans into the bean box (the bean box capacity of most automatic coffee machines does not exceed 400G), and fill it up to 80% full.
3. Remove the water tank from the machine, take off the water tank cover, and fill in about 3/4 of the volume of clean water. The valve at the bottom of the water tank is used to drain the water out. When putting the water tank back into the machine, lightly press the water tank against the valve that can open automatically, and then close the water tank cover.
4. After completing the above preparations, you can make coffee. Generally, there are several function buttons on the body of the automatic coffee machine: "small cup", "large cup", hot water/steam, coffee powder, etc., some do not The powder button is used because it does not have a device for powdered grains, and it only means that only coffee beans can be used. Some host menus also have options such as coffee powder volume setting, coffee water volume (concentration) setting, coffee temperature setting, double cups, etc. The specific functions vary depending on the machine. If you need a big cup of coffee, press the big button, and if you want to drink a small cup, press the small button. Therefore, the automatic coffee machine is very simple to make coffee. There is no need for excessive manual operations at all, as long as the basic conditions for making coffee are met.
5. If you need to make fancy coffee, you need to make a cup of espresso (ESPRESSO) in advance, and then fill it with 1/3-1/2 full-fat milk in a etched steel cup, so that the steam pipe just touches the surface of the milk, The inner wall of the cup is about one finger away. Turn on the steam switch. When the milk froth is about to fill the cup, turn off the steam before removing the milk cup. At this time, the right hand holds the etched steel cup, the left hand holds the espresso, and slowly pours the milk froth into the fresh espresso. So a cup of fragrant CAPPUCCINO is ready.